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Sex Dolls with basic artificial intelligence already exist. Over the next decade, the AI will improve to the point that your Doll could offer you genuine companionship, and one could have a “real” relationship with a Doll. #SexDoll #DigitalSexuality

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What does the future hold for power exchange dynamics?

Sex is changing and will continue to change more as time marches on. Our erotic horizons are shifting and evolving with each new technological step. Concepts like gender, sexual pleasure, new sexual orientations, and more will make the future equally thrilling as well as challenging.

With these changes, the world of BDSM will also be transformed; with dominants, submissives, and the other non-conforming sexualities under this umbrella term, there will be an entire universe of new tools and power dynamics to play with.

As we continue to develop things like artificial intelligence, there may come a time when a group of people will elect to be controlled by machines. It will come down to choice; who can better provide safe and consensual pleasure, man or machine?

Domain Domme LLC

Domain Domme LLC

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